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   We Offer a Wide Variety of Value-added & Customer Services.

JFC philosophy redefines the meaning of service. Our customers vary in size, industry, and in the services required. We offer an array of services to help our customers improve their bottom lines and time to market objectives.


We services as a bridge that effectively links the customers and suppliers in the electronic industry. We have excellent logistic capabilities that enable us to provide quality services to our partners. While some of our customers prefer to handle their own logistics arrangements and purchase on an FOB basis, many want assistance in the area. The JFC Logistics Team stands ready to evaluate your needs and assist you in finding the best overall logistics solutions to move all of our products to your production facility or Contract Manufacturing partner anywhere in the world.


JFC offers a wide variety of services and programs to help streamline your purchasing and supply chain functions. We can tailor a cost efficient solutions for your needs or combine several services saving you time, effort, and expense.


Our strategy builds relationships between our team and the respective customers by creating an awareness of each parties needs and by facilitating a movement towards fulfilling those needs. We gather and assess real information from real people. We are dedicated to pulling ideas together to achieve a common goal. We believe in accuracy, efficiency and development.


We value our relationship with our customers. Many of our customers are also our inventory management partners. We create demand for our partner’s excess material while fulfilling the requirements we see in the marketplace.




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